Feng Shui and new year resolutions


Traditionally a new year is a time of renewal and reflexion about the past year. It brings forth a new energy, a desire to change and to let go of what is not serving us anymore. Everyone wants a better life, a better year and so we go setting up resolutions. January finds us resolute but often as the time passes, our fortitude fades and by February we are back to our old habits, our old self facing the same challenges.

HOW FENG SHUI CAN HELP YOU? Here are some pitfalls to avoid and some tips to support you.

  • Follow your heart and align to your truth. Are these resolutions really what you need or are they based on conditioning? Do you really need to loose those extra pounds? To have a baby face at the age of fifty? To get more money? To find a new relationship?

Try to bring consciousness to your resolutions. Introspection, meditation, yoga can help you realign.

  • Beware of negative thoughts. You need to loose weight: ”I am a fat cow! It needs to change!”. You need money: ” I am a loser!” ”I have a stupid job!”. You need a relationship: ”I am all alone, nobody loves me” are all negative thoughts that sabotage your resolution even before you start working on it. It disempowerS you when you need to be in your power as the creator of your own life.

Replace these negative thoughts with positive affirmations and consider any problem or challenge as an opportunity to grow. Face small and big problems in the eyes WITHOUT JUDGMENT. See what you can learn from it. Do not play the victim, practice forgiveness on yourself and others.

  • Set up attainable goals. Do not start a drastic diet or anything that you will not be able to sustain in the long run. One little step at a time will get you a long way.

You can make a list of two or three things to accomplish a week and ACT ON IT. Journaling, wish boards can support you in your endeavor.

  • Live in the present moment. Do not dwell on the past or project a fantasy life into the future. You can only act in the present tense, your power and all opportunities are in the here and now.
  • Sweep away the old year. Get rid of the old stale energy by cleaning your place thoroughly, make it shine. You can also use sage for purification.
  • Move things around and out. You want new and you are surrounded with the old. What you see is what you get. What you project into the world, the world will give it back to you, so change your environment! Your best move will be to hire a professional Feng Shui consultant.

You can always move things around, play with your furniture (beware of always be in the commanding position, which means that you can see the door); get rid of clutter and old clothe in your closets (for example the ones you wore when you were thinner). Give things away. If you want a new relationship, get rid of every object that remind you of old ones. In Feng Shui, we recommend to move 27 objects that have not been moved in the past year to support transformation and completion. And move yourself: exercise, dance to your favored music, play with your animal and your kids. The idea is to move your qi (vital energy), if you do not move your qi, nothing can change.

  • Surround yourself with positive energy and beauty. Your environment can deplete you of your vital energy but people can also drain you. Surround yourself with people who support you, do not call this friend who always reminds you that you are a loser. Bring flowers and plants into your home, listen to peaceful music, use aromatherapy.
  • Remember that life is a journey. Be patient, nothing change overnight and in your journey, you have the right to be where you are. Always be gentle on yourself. Life is a cycle and sometimes is not the time for change, which does not mean you do not have to work on it by getting ready and organize. Look for my next post about Feng Shui and astrology for tips about where you are in your journey.

I wish you all a wonderful new year with the hope that these little tips will support you in your journey forward. Please share your comments, hopes and struggles below.


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