Feng Shui and Astrology

When it comes to Chinese astrology, most people are familiar with the Twelve Zodiac Animals. In Feng Shui, we use the Chinese zodiac and also the 9 Star Qi, which is an oldest form of astrology.

Like Feng Shui, The 9 Star Qi system is based on the dynamic between Yin and Yang and was developed from one of the oldest books in the world, the I Ching or Book of Changes. Beside the 9 stars, the energy of the universe present in your birth year, it features a nine-year cycle similar to the passing of the seasons from early spring to late winter. If Feng Shui is dealing with space, the 9 Star Qi is dealing with time. What was the star at the time you were born? What are your potentials? How do you relate to the other stars? Where are you within the nine-year cycle? Is it time to plan, to relax, to initiate changes? A Feng Shui consultant will use this Chinese astrology system to get insights about the energy of the clients and to optimize their space accordingly.

The Lo Shu or magic square 

Lo Shu magic square.docxEach star corresponds to a number, which is your primary number or profound nature. You calculate it by adding the numbers of your birth year, then subtract the sum from 11. All years begin on February 4th. For example, people born in 1998 (on or after February 4th) have the number 2. (1+9+9+8=27) (2+7=9) (11-9=2)

Each number is associated with an element (wood, water—), a color or colors in the same spectrum and a season. Roughly, your primary number (which is similar to the Sun sign in Western astrology) takes the qualities of the element. A 2 Black Earth person will be supportive, service-oriented, practical and detail oriented.

* All numbers and elements interact with each other in a supportive or controlling dynamic. Earth will be supported by Fire, drain by Metal, controlled by Wood and is controlling Water.

* Each year, all numbers are moving inside the square following the 9 Star path. This year is a year 9 (2+0+1+8= 11) (1+1+2) (11-2=9) so all 9 Purple Fire persons are in the house 5, which is the Tai Qi. It is a time of fluctuation and change while if you are a 6 White Metal person, this year you are in the house 2, which is a stagnant house and a great time to finalize your projects, get rid of everything that does not serve you anymore and take care of clutter in your house.

If you want to learn more about the 9 Star Qi astrology, I offer workshops and readings. If you want to know in what house you are this year and what kind of energy is at play, leave a comment below with your primary number.

2 thoughts on “Feng Shui and Astrology

  1. Beatriz Coria

    I was told that for last century dates you substract from 10. This century from 11.
    My DoB is 1-16-1944 = 1961 wich because I am from January is one year before so the total is 1060 =7
    10-7=3. I am 3-3-5. And I am totally that.
    I was told that by Michio Kushi and then again by Takeshita Yoshikawa
    I would so appreciate your clarification.


  2. Sabine Millauriaux

    Hello Beatriz. It is true that for simplification, you subtract from ten for last century dates but you only take into consideration the last two digits of your birth year to find your primary number. Since you were born in January, your birth year is 1943. 4+3= 7. 10-7=3. So you are in fact a 3 Wood (like me!). The actual rule is to subtract all the digits from 11. 1+9+4+3= 8. 11-8=3. This rule is valid for all centuries. Regarding the other two numbers: your Character number and your energetic number, it requires different calculation and a different chart. I checked your numbers and you are in fact a 3-3-5. This year you are in house 8, the stillness before the storm. It is a time of reflexion though sudden changes can also happen. Try to be as much active as possible and not too argumentative as you will have a tendency to retrieve into your cave (the symbol of this house is a mountain). Go with the flow and go out! Happy new year.


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