In an harmonious place where the energy flows, where you feel secure and supported. A place where you can restore, relax and create . A place which is you, just you and the other members of your family, including your pet(s) who are sharing this place you call home. All of you are sharing the same energy field or space and live in harmony.

And what about feeling at home with yourself? Finally being able to express intentions and manifest them to enhance your life and the one of everybody around you. Feeling energized and empowered.

Feng Shui can help you release all these negative energies that are blocking you in achieving what you want to be and what you truly are. It could be residual energies from precedent owners or the ones you or other members of your family created. These blocks are imprinted in your space and constantly reinforced in the witnessing of it. By working on your environment (shared by your beloved family and pet(s)), a skill Feng Shui consultant will change the settings, according to your goals, allow you to express intentions and support you in the manifestation of it.


To have a pet is considered good Feng Shui:

  • It brings life into your home and move the qi (life energy)
  • It brings love and affection. Stroking your pet lowers heart rates, blood pressure and stress level.    

You have created a bond with your animal(s): you gave her a name, you care for his needs, you provide them love. In return, they love you unconditionally, they also provide you companionship and support. They are now part of your household, a member of your family and as such there are sharing the same energy field. All animals are very sensitive to their environment and can give a lot of information to the Feng Shui consultant. Since Feng Shui acts on the environment, the flow of energy within a place, the energy field shared by pets and owner(s), it can help restoring harmony and balance  and be  beneficial for both pets and their owner. ​