Energy and animal healing

In Feng Shui, we use the bagua to activate or fix areas in your home according to what you want to improve or change in your life, but we work also with energies.

Did you ever feel uneasy, uncomfortable or even bad at somebody else’s  place? The hosts are very nice, the furniture and the decoration seem perfect but ”there is something in the air”. It feels cold like nobody really lives here, or dense, kind of ”stuffy” so it is almost difficult to breathe. Or else, did you ever feel good upon entering a space, suddenly uplifted and at ease, more relaxed? Well, that’s energy. We often say that we have ” good or bad vibes” and in fact energy is a vibration.

Energies are at play all around us and between us all, they constantly inform us and trigger responses on our part. Though this process is mostly unconscious, we all feel energies to a certain extent.

Animals, on the other hand, are highly sensitive to energies. We all know somebody who is afraid of dogs: dogs do feel that fear, even from pretty far away, and they translate it as danger. And here goes this otherwise perfectly quiet and nice dog, barking like crazy or even attacking the fearful person. And of course, it reinforces the fear. It is pretty much a vicious circle as we attract what we fear most.

Being exposed to energies that are detrimental to us, will create stress and in the long term sickness. Our pets are also exposed to these negative energies, furthermore, in their unconditional love for us, they will try to process them and may become sick.

Cybeles, Feng Shui for pet owners, uses the Bagua and its relation to colors and parts of the body to help the healing process. See Request your free Feng Shui tips for your pet at . Mainly though, it works with the energies at play between pet and owner/s. What kind of signals are you sending on a regular basis to your pet? Note that there is nothing good or bad about it, it’s just is. What is important is to be aware of it: if you want to understand a behavior or change it, first you need to be conscious of it. Consciousness is the first step in the healing process. See Request your free questionnaire at to see where to look and start creating in consciousness instead of replaying the same old patterns.

If you live in New York city and are interested in learning more about energies and animal healing, the ”twins”, worldwide famous shamans from Peru, Dona Isabel and dona Olinda, are back to New York and are offering for the first time in the US an afternoon workshop on animal healing in Midtown Manhattan on October 8. They also offer private sessions for healing cats and dogs, though most of the sessions are already sold out. So act fast! Contact Olivia Olkowsky at: for detailed info and to register. An event not to be missed and one of its kind.

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